Pastured Poultry

At Happy Critters Farm, we believe poultry want to be outside eating grass, bugs, and worms so that is where we keep them.

Our poultry spend the first few weeks of their life in a brooder and the rest of it outside. The chickens are kept in ten foot by twelve foot portable pens (called "chicken tractors") that are moved once a day to provide them with a new salad bar and bug menu daily. We keep them in pens to protect them from predators (they are tasty birds, after all). The turkeys are kept inside electrified netting with a mobile coop; their netting and coop are moved to new grass needed. As with the pigs, the poultry receive non GMO feed from the local feed mill and are allowed to decide what to eat and when (more information about our non-GMO feed here). Since our poultry are moved often, live outside, and do not breathe the toxic fumes of their own fecal matter, there is no need for pharmaceuticals, so they do not receive any.


young turkeys