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Pre-ordering is the best way to ensure your order can be fulfilled.  

If problems arise in fulfilling your order, we will contact you.

If we do not have any animals available at the time of your order, please ask to be put on a waiting list so that we can contact you if we have an unexpected availability. 


After you place your order on our website and pay your deposit, we will raise the animal for you. If you order pork or beef, we will have you fill out a cut order form closer to the time of butcher. On this form, you will specify how you want your portion of meat to be cut (the roasts, steaks, etc.). We will also give you an estimate on when your animal will be ready for butcher.


We have our custom pork and beef processed at a local, state-inspected processing plant* a few miles away from the farm and will deliver your order there for free.  Our USDA inspected products (retail cuts of pork and beef, as well as our poultry) is processed at Lake Haven Meats in Sturgeon Lake, MN.  We will help you make arrangements to pick-up your order after processing.






*You have the right to have your animal processed at a place of your choosing.   If you would like your animal butchered at a different location than we bring our animals, let us know and we can make arrangements for you to pick-up your animal from our farm and bring it to a place of your choice.


Pricing and Ordering for Fall 2024 / Spring 20245

Deposits must be paid at the time of the pre-order.  The deposited amount will be put toward your final total cost.  The remainder of your cost is due upon pickup of your order.

Grass-Finished Beef  (available in the Fall) - Pre-Order with Deposit

$4.25/lb plus processing.   Order here

  • Our beef is sold as 1/4, 1/2, or the whole animal.  
  • The price is per pound hanging weight plus processing.  
  • Whole cow hanging weight approx. 500-600 lbs. 
  • Processing approx. $0.68/lb (Check fee list here)

Pastured Pork - Pre-Order with Deposit   

We will not be raising pork in 2024/2025

$/lb plus processing.  Order here

  • Our pork is sold as halves and whole. 
  • The price is per pound hanging weight plus processing. 
  • Whole pig hanging weight approx. 200 lbs.
  • Processing approx. $0.68/lb (incl. smoking)

Pastured Chicken (available in the summer) - Pre-Order with Deposit We will not be raising chickens in 2023/2024

Whole Birds: $ /lb (includes processing)  Order here

Pieced Birds: $ /lb (includes processing)  Order here

  • For orders of 10+ WHOLE birds, the price is $ /lb
  • For orders of 10+ PIECED birds, the price is $ /lb
  • Chickens are sold by the pound, wrapped and frozen.
  • You can receive your chicken as a Whole Broiler, cut into pieces (bird is pieced and then frozen in single package), or a whole broiler cut in 2 Halves, Packaged Separately.   
  • Est. weight range:  3 - 6 lbs/bird 

Pastured Turkey (available early Fall) - Pre-Order with Deposit.  We will not be raising turkeys in 2024/2025

$ /lb (includes processing)  Order here

  • Turkeys are sold by the pound, wrapped and frozen.
  • Turkeys are only processed as a whole bird, giblets included
  • Weight range for the 2018 turkeys was 14-23 lbs, weight range for the 2019 turkeys was 9-15 lbs.

Please understand that our goal is to raise happy, natural, healthy animals.  As such, they grow at rates that we don't control so our "estimates" on their date of butcher and on their butcher weights are just estimates and are subject to change. 


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