Our Story


A message from Joe:



Amanda and I grew up on farms less than one mile apart. In 2010, we bought part of Amanda’s family farm in Mahtowa which is where we live today. In the fall of 2015, we bought my grandparents’ farmstead in Barnum and started our own chapter in a long farming history.


Owning a farm is something I have wanted my whole life, and now I can’t wait to raise my family in the same lifestyle Amanda and I were raised. Our mission is to raise quality, healthy meat. Each animal we raise plays an important role; they help us cultivate, fertilize, and nourish the land. Our ultimate goal is to heal the land and leave a better place for our kids.


Thank you for choosing us to raise the happy, healthy animals that you feed yourself and your family.


-Joe Lambert


Our Farming Philosophy


You have a right to know how your food is being raised.  We have nothing to hide. Not only are you are welcome to visit our farms and ask us questions, but we encourage you to do so.



Our cows are grass-finished; they receive no grain because their bodies are not designed to digest it.  Our pigs are raised in pastures that give them a wide variety of food options; they are foragers by nature, so we encourage them to express this. Our poultry are also pasture raised; they receive a new salad-bar (and insect-bar) daily when we move their shelter to fresh locations. 


Soil Health

We believe it is our responsibility, as farmers, to raise our animals in a manner that benefits the land and to treat our land in a manner that benefits all forms of life. 



We believe it is important to localize our purchases. By finding local sources to fill our needs, we reduce the amount of energy that goes into transporting our goods. We search for local sources to fill our needs and that of our farm - for example, our non-GMO feed is made from grain that is grown less than 2 hours from our home!

Buy Local - Support Locals - Live Well