Grass-Finished Beef

At Happy Critters Farm, we are primarily grass farmers, and cattle are our best harvesting tool. We understand that cattle are herbivores, so we only feed them forage. Because cattle are healthy when they eat the diet nature intended for them, we do not need to feed our cattle antibiotics or pharmaceuticals. We are quite sure that cattle are born with just the right amount of hormones, so we do not give our cattle hormone implants to make them grow unnaturally fast.



We move the cattle to new parts of the pasture often, mimicking nature’s wild herbivore/predator relationship. By doing this, the land and grass have a short period of intense disturbance and many days of rest for the grasses and microbes in the soil to recover thicker and better fertilized than before. Moving the cattle frequently keeps them eating new, high quality forage which further increases the taste and nutritional quality of the meat. After all, why have a grass harvesting tool that doesn't taste good?