We are the proud new owners of your local strawberry farm in Carlton, MN

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From our farm to your fork,

nutrient-dense foods raised with sustainable and regenerative farming practices

let us meat your needs.

Grass-finished Beef

At Happy Critters Farm, we use sustainable and regenerative farming practices to raise food and sell direct to our local community. We care for the happiness and health of our animals and our land.  It is important to us that our animals are treated with respect and managed with low-stress practices. 

We produce:

-Grass-finished beef

-We are currently not raising pork or poultry for customer sales 


How We Raise Your Food

Joe, Ben, and the boar

Here at Happy Critters Farm, we raise our animals in a happy, healthy environment that includes continuous rotation to new pastures. Our animals are treated with care (lots of petting) and respect. We believe in being transparent on how we raise your food. Take a look around our site to see who we are, what we do, why we do it. We want you to recognize that you have the power to decide what you eat and how it is raised.  Your choice makes a difference.  Let us meat your needs & berry your family!



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Thank you for supporting local producers.



Joe & Amanda Lambert

Located in Mahtowa, MN