Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

A message from Joe Lambert

Here are some of the reasons I prefer to avoid GMO's:


They do not produce more grain; they simply allow the use of herbicide, and in some cases, produce their own pesticides - pesticides that we consume when we eat the grain.  The grain production comes from the breeding of the plant (i.e. hybrid). Hybrids do exist without GMO's, and I have no problem with them. 


The government has made it illegal for farmers to save and replant his own seeds.  The GMO seed is expensive, and farmers have to purchase it year after year to grow their crop. I believe if you grow something it is yours to do with as you wish, including regrow more of it with seeds you have saved from your crop.


GMO's have allowed the use of tons of chemicals through out our country, and in many cases these chemicals have leached off the farm and into our water sources.

When we change the genetic makeup of a plant beyond the limits of nature, I do not believe our body can possibly be expected to understand and utilize this new organism.  Nature puts limits to how far it's creations naturally change for a reason.


There has been very little to no research on the long term effects of eating a diet of GMO's or the chemicals sprayed on them.


There are farmers all over the world growing crops without GMO's or chemicals, and I want to do my best to support the farmers that take the time and energy to understand the biology of the world they are cultivating.